Peer Blog Site Award Given to Profiles of Murder from Chick Swagger

Thank you to Misty and Josie from Chick Swagger for nominating my site for the Sunshine Award! I am truly humbled to be picked for this award. Surprised me, too, considering my topics are kind of dark. But after reading why I was picked, it made this award even more special to me because it’s exactly what I wanted to achieve when I created this site.

Here is what they wrote:

Profiles of Murder –by romantic suspense writer Diane Kratz. Profiles of Murder is a tremendously educational site about criminal profiling, serial killers, FBI terminology, and crime fiction writing. Even though there’s often scary stuff on this site, it’s deserving of the sunshine award because it often makes crime writers’ research easier. And it’s interesting even if you’re not a crime writer!”

Isn’t that sweet? Totally made my week!

Here’s what I’m supposed to do now:

*Include the award’s logo in a post on your blog.



* Answer 10 questions about yourself.

* Nominate other bloggers (we were supposed to do 10, but the Chicks didn’t so neither did I.)

* Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.

* Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

Misty and Josie: go for a visit. Their site holds nothing back on sexuality and what it means to be a woman. No holds bar there!

Here are my 10 questions Q&A:

  • My favorite color: Royal blue
  • My favorite animal: Cats, I have two–Figaro and Patches
  • My favorite number: 13 (It has shown up everywhere I go since 1996)
  • My favorite drink: Coffee
  • Facebook or Twitter:
  • Twitter: 
  • Facebook:
  • My passion: Family, writing and gardening.
  • Prefer giving or getting presents: Giving is so much better.
  • My favorite pattern: Greek Motifs
  • My favorite day of the week: Monday (I know I’m weird)
  • My favorite flower: Calla Lilies

And the other bloggers who deserve this award are:

forensics4fiction blog: Forensics Demystified for the Fiction Writer  by crime fiction writer Tom Adair.  What can I say about this blog other than it gave me my inspiration on what I wanted to do with my own blog. Tom is an expert in forensics and my go-to place when I can’t figure things out. He brings sunshine and ignites the imagination for any writer who needs to know if the forensics in their story is plausible. Tom had to be my number one choice. His site is well put together, and a goldmine of knowledge can be found there.

Jo-Ann Carson blog: Writing Dangerous Love Stories Filled with Mystery and Suspense. Jo-Ann’s home is in Canada. I love going to her blog and reading Jo-Ann’s posts. Her words take me away to a dreamland. She is an excellent writer whose descriptions are so vivid they pull you right in. I venture into her world and escape from my dark one.

SHERRY ISAAC blog: Psychological Sizzle -What Doesn’t Kill Us Makes Us Writers. Sherry writes about the unknown from ghosts to biblical wonders. Her blog posts always leave me thinking about other possibilities out there. It can be scary as hell if you think about some of these things!

Arlee Bird blog: Tossing It Out ( is another great blog I’d recommend. He calls himself “juggler of words and phrases.” This blog give authors, both published and unpublished, a chance to hijack his blog! Isn’t that awesome? This isn’t the only blog Arlee has. Nope, he has five blogs in total- Blogging from A to Z, April Challenge, Wrote By Rote, A Few Words, and finally A Faraway View about dreams. Arlee loves blogging! And for this he deserves the sunshine award for all his blogging efforts.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all my followers out there for their comments on my blog and for making my first blogging experience phenomenal! You ROCK!

Also big (((hugs))) for Misty and Josie at Chick Swagger for giving my site the Sunshine Award!

6 thoughts on “Peer Blog Site Award Given to Profiles of Murder from Chick Swagger

  1. Sherry Isaac says:

    Diane, congratulations! You will have to change the name of your blog: Profiles of Sunshine!

    No, no, I take it back. Do not, I mean do NOT, change a thing on your site.

    I am flattered, honoured, tickled fuchsia by the nomination. I shall endeavour to do you proud with my acceptance post.

  2. Sherry Isaac says:

    WOOT. Jo-Ann Carson, a fellow Canuck! Checking out all of your recommendations, but Jo-Ann is first. Patriotic love, and all that.

  3. […] honored to have been passed the  Sunshine Award by Diane Kratz who writes the blog, Profiles of Murder. It’s an award bloggers pass on to their favorite blogs. Here’s what Diane wrote about […]

  4. Tim McDonald says:

    Hi I think that your blog is very nice!

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